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Energy and Empowerment Monthly

1st October 2019

I’m reading a beautiful book just now called Gods of the Morning, about the encounters, speculations and observations of naturalist and conservationist John Lister-Kaye, in his life in the Scottish Highlands. “There is so much going on  in October that there should be a better, more uplifting name for the passage of autumn into winter. The Mellowing, or the Misting perhaps, or the more intimate double-entendre, the Rustling.”

I thought of that as I sat down to write, today being Tuesday 1 October 2019. I am immersed in the blissful natural beauty of the west coast of the Scottish Highlands as we speak, captivated by the largeness, the steadiness, the energy of life and our world as it goes on around us. I switched the radio on yesterday an20190928_172408d it talked of traffic jams on motorways … nothing seems further away from this place where I come to re-root and feed my soul. I give so much thanks that I can come and do this.

I saw a couple of posts recently that prompted me to open this month’s email with a wee story. And they both tie in with exactly how I spent September. The posts were similar: “There are two types of tired. One that requires sleep. One that requires peace. Protect your energy.” And the other: “It’s important to do just as much inner work as you do outer work. Many people work hard on their physical body but are emotionally empty and unhappy. It’s like having a Ferrari without an engine. Your soul is the engine.”

Later in August, I realised I was sick of feeling totally drained and wiped out. I had nothing in my tank. I was struggling to get up in the morning and as soon as I got home I collapsed on the bed. It struck me hard that only I could do something about that – and that it wasn’t the ‘tired that requires sleep’ sort of tired. It was the tired that meant I was neither protecting nor feeding my energy properly. It’s one thing knowing how to do that – and believe me, I know. It’s another thing entirely, focusing on undoing habits of a life time. Because, you see, negative energy feeds off negative energy, so when you’re down you keep feeding and fueling yourself with the stuff that keeps you down.

The good thing is that 2019, for me, has been learning about my own energy, how to protect and feed it and, indeed, how life-changingly important it is to do that. I’m also working on doing that, religiously, throughout the day every day.

But things constantly come and catch you out. And when you’re in tune with your energy, and paying attention to your body and why and how things feel, you can tell when you need to pick it up a notch, and you can also tell when you’re going pretty well. You can also tell when something bites you from left field, as it did to me one day last week. I was in a really good place, but there were a few things going on around me and the energy from some of it implanted itself inside my core. It felt like a bit black ink splot, and I actually felt it going in/taking form. It was exactly the same as one I’d had removed backink in May, just slightly smaller. The one in May was anger, and that’s a story for another day, as I’d never have expected I was carrying around so much anger. But we’re conditioned to suppress our emotions … The ink splot I had to clear recently was just pure, unadulterated negativity. It wasn’t mine, but I picked it up and I felt it physically, very heavy inside my gut.

There are some things I can shift on my own, but that one needed one of my energy healers. Within a few hours the big black splot was gone.

And that is why I learned how to give a core energy cleanse. Because when you feel like that, I want to be able to help you to shift those blocks and feel more like yourself again. We’ve got years of blocks, and we have hundreds of blocks. Blocks are no fun.

Core Energy Cleansing

Thanks everyone who’s booked in for a core energy cleanse recently. I’m going to extent my opening offer until the end of October as I really want people to have the opportunity to experience a cleanse. If you’re in or around Stirling, don’t mind me coming to you, have a house big enough to fit a healing bed, and you won’t be interrupted during the treatment, then I’m currently offering mobile treatments. I’m hoping to be able to hire a room once the cleanses get off the ground and I get a few regulars.

A core energy cleanse is a hands-on, non-invasive treatment where you lie on a healing massage table fully clothed, and allow me to work with your energy via your arms, hands, legs, feet, core (gut) and forehead. That just means that, with your permission, I touch you in these places.

A core energy cleanse is unlike Reiki. Reiki balances your energy, it doesn’t shift or remove negative energy out of your body. A core energy cleanse actually removes some of your negative energy blocks. And negative energy blocks can hold you back in many ways as they create fear in your body – doubt, lack of confidence, embarrassment, worry, guilt, anger, unforgiveness, feeling low, down, flat … and they can also manifest as pain, discomfort, disease and tiredness.

If you’ve got a friend that wants to try a cleanse too, bring her or him to your house. I’m happy to do two cleanses at the same visit. Opening offer is £25 a cleanse. From 1 November 2019 they’ll be £45. So spread the word.

Here’s some of the comments so far:

“What a heavenly, relaxing and re-energising treatment – with amazing effects! Honestly, honestly would recommend it. I’ll be booking in again soon!”

20190918_133102 - Copy20190918_144356 - CopyLauren MacQuade of Stirling, before and after her core energy cleanse.

Thanks for letting me use your photos Lauren!


“I really enjoyed my cleanse. I have felt a difference in my shoulders, not so tight. No headaches either. Energy is good.”

“Just wanted to say another big thank you for yesterday! I loved it! Feeling good today, and yesterday evening had a massive amount of energy.”

“Thank you for the session. Had some wonderful meditations at the weekend with an incredible sense of lightness. My neck also seems to be a bit better. You go, girl!”

“I’m definitely interested in giving this core energy stuff a try!”

Energy coaching

If you prefer to chat about energy, and grow emotionally and spiritually at the same time as you heal your negative energy blocks, that’s what I do through my coaching sessions.

What’s an energy block? Well, I know I touched on this above, and no, you can’t see blocks, but energy blocks basically install in you some kind of fear-based emotion. Any negative emotion has its roots in fear. Anger, guilt,20190607_095545 worry, frustration, feeling low, drained, down, embarrassed, lacking of confidence, low self esteem, low self worth, feeling empty, rarely feeling joyful or happy … these all stem from negative energy blocks. And we’re riddled with the things! As we grew up, and as we were told not to be ourselves, we began to suppress our true selves and started to not like ourselves that much – guess why – because we were told we weren’t okay the way we were. So as we became the conditioned, acceptable-to-the-world toddler, child, teenager and eventually adult we grew to become, we suppressed and suppressed and suppressed our true selves. We complied with the moulding of our external world, till eventually who we really were – still are! – became unrecognisable.

I work with you on the liberating journey of breaking out of that mould, and taking back control of your life.  There’s no pre-defined structure or framework to the way I work – in fact, it’s highly tailored to where you’re at and what needs you have. I do, however, prefer to work with people more than once. We focus wholly and solely on you and we go at a pace that works for you. Sometimes you don’t know where you want to go but when we start to clear energy blocks you begin to see more clearly. A series of sessions allows us time to make gradual changes and start to liberate YOU.

Core Energy Personal and Self Development Coaching 

In early November I will become a fully accredited Core Energy Personal and Self Development Coach. I am doing this course so I can pass on to you, to clients, many of the techniques that I have learned myself. I want to help people to develop and understand their own core energy and start to see their own potential. We can all achieve so much more when we understand our energy, and have people working with us who believe in us. You can  attain the energy and freedom you aspire to in all aspects of your life.

September Retreat

My Silent Retreats Scotland retreat didn’t go ahead in quite the way I’d planned. The universe had other ideas. Having had no firm bookings for the retreat, I spent four days and five nights alone, surrounded by and healing in the most beautiful, magical, serene natural bliss. I cleared a number of my own energy blocks and issues that I know have been holding me back, and I also realised exactly why a few things had happened in my life, including why I had all of a sudden developed raging eczema a few years ago. Time on your own, in your own space, getting to know and understand YOU and how listen to and look after your soul, really opens you up to life in subtle but powerful ways you’d never have imagined. It’s actually quite exciting when you realise what’s happening.

Love till next time … x



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