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Energy and Empowerment Monthly

1st September 2019

I was trying to decide what to write about today. Energy is our whole life, affecting every minute of every day, so it’s difficult to choose one particular aspect. On top of that, since I learned and realised how much energy – our own and others’ – affects our daily lives, I’ve been doing a huge amount of work on healing and looking after my own energy. In fact, it has become the main focus of my life right now.

I found myself thinking back to a conversation I had with a friend yesterday, the topic of which you may find confronting, or difficult or just a bit altogether weird, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. We were talking about energy in general, and I was explaining some of the numerous things I do throughout my day to protect and ground my energy from the negative and toxic impact of our external world and, indeed, my own negative and toxic thoughts and behaviours. As we chatted, we talked about how many negative energy blocks we have stuck to, attached to, hanging on to us and how it’s a work-in-progress clearing and cleansing them.

You see, your soul has been here – yes, on earth – lots of times. Numerous times. Probably hundreds or thousands odownloadf times. My soul has been here thousands of times. And if you think about how much negative energy surrounds you and  how much you create yourself just in this life, imagine how much your soul has been through, and how much energy has come with your soul from previous life times that isn’t doing you any favours in this life! It is your negative energy blocks that hold you back. It is your negative energy blocks that keep you feeling small, feeling limited, feeling not good enough, feeling not worthy, undeserving, inadequate.

Imagine how your life could change when you start clearing, cleansing, purifying and looking after your energy. I was explaining to my friend that healing my energy has been bringing subtle but very positive changes to my life. They aren’t immediately noticeable by those around me, but they are incredibly liberating and empowering to me. When you heal your energy, you start to say things that are YOU, that are your truth. You start to do things that you would never have done last week, because, well, what would people think of you! You actually start to live as YOU. As you clear your energy blocks, you actually start to become yourself, not the person you’ve been conditioned to present as throughout the whole of your life. Your confidence comes through, your self esteem shines through, your light comes back on!

Cleaning up and healing your energy has physical, emotional, spiritual and mental benefits. It’s something we should all have been taught just as a default part of life, since the day we were born. Many physical conditions and complaints are a result of significant negative energy blocks. Looking after your energy is a way of life. It’s just something that we should and need to be doing, but instead we’re taught to suppress our emotions and live as someone we’re not – and it’s suppressing our emotions and not being true to ourselves that creates more and more energy blocks.

Core Energy Cleansing

I’m offering a mobile core energy cleansing service so if you live within ten miles of Stirling (central Scotland), have got room for a massage bed somewhere in your house, are able to create a quiet, uninterrupted space and you’d like to start clearing your energy blocks, then get in touch. On top of the energy healing work I’d doing with two mentors, I also get a core energy cleanse at the start of every month, just to make sure no new blocks are getting stuck on me. A core energy cleanse identifies, disperses, moves and absorbs the negative energy blocks that you are ready to let go of. That might sound a bit funny but a lot of people are comfortable with their fear blocks and want to hold on to them. If you’re ready to let yours go, I’d love to help you.FB_IMG_1564070948897 (2)

When can I get a Core Energy Cleanse?

I offer mobile Core Energy Cleanses on Wednesdays from 2pm until early evening, all day Thursday, and Saturday mornings. Contact here.

What do I do if I don’t have a qualified Core Energy Cleansing practitioner close by?

Read on …

One-on-One coaching, mentoring, guidance

If you can’t reach a cleanse, or a cleanse can’t reach you, or maybe you don’t fancy a cleanse and would prefer being more involved and proactive in the healing of your energy – and, effectively, your life – a series of one-on-one personal coaching sessions could definitely help you. Together, at your pace, we can liberate you from the chains and control of your external world and empower you to take back the reins of your own life. But, there’s a prerequisite here: we can only do that if you are ready to commit to feeling better about yourself and your life. When you are, let’s have a chat.

September retreat

This has been cancelled. I was heartened by the extent of the interest in, and very positive enquiries about this retreat (I even got a write up in Holistic Scotland Magazine back in July), but interest and enquiries aren’t bookings and I’m a little disappointed to have to cancel as people would have reaped huge benefits from coming. On the other h20190621_060253_001and, however, I’m not disappointed because the universe works its ways and I now get a wonderful few days retreating on my own, reconnecting with myself, totally immersing in the healing and magical power of nature, and balancing and healing more of my energy.

If anyone is interested in getting a retreat off the ground for the spring time, let me know.

What’s ahead

Just to let you know what’s in the pipeline:

  1. In just two months, in November 2019, I will be completing the last few days of my training to become a Core Energy Personal and Self Development Personal Coach. This is actually very exciting for me because it’s going to open a door for me to be able to share with clients some very precise guidance and healing that will work for their own unique core energy. This will not supersede Core Energy Cleansing, they will remain as two unique services. With coaching the client must be involved, committed and proactive. Cleansing is a hands-on healing where the client lies passively on the healing bed, but open to receiving the healing, and completely relaxed.
  2. I am itching to start offering creative energy classes but there are too many other things going on at the moment for me to be able to focus on those. While I’d like these to start this year, early 2020 would be more appropriate and perhaps more timely. Enquiries and expressions of interest welcome.

Have a great September!

If I can help you in any way, please never hesitate to get in touch.beach-4161593_1280 (1)

That’s why I’m here.  xx


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