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Energy and Empowerment Monthly

1st August 2019

Hello everybody! Happy August. Wow!

Okay, let’s get right into it … picture, for a minute, the blood that flows around your body.

Now picture another flow, a different flow, that’s also moving, pumping around your body. That’s your energy. No less real because you can’t see it, and just as blockable and cloggable as your blood flow, if not moreso. Which means that when you feel bad, it’s because you’ve got negative energy blocks stopping the flow of your positive energy through your body. This can manifest as physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional pain.

Most of these energy blocks, until you start getting rid of them, have been there for years. They have collected as you’ve gone through life and they affect everything you do, perceive and believe. And unfortunately, they feed off more of the same. Which is why if you feel worry, anger, guilt, unforgiveness, you feed yourself more worry, anger, guilt, unforgiveness. And you get stuck in a cycle of bringing yourself or keeping yourself d-o-w-n.

blue_vortex_by_ilanf__largeBUT, the totally FAB thing is, you CAN start clearing them, and there are different ways you can do that.

One of them is by getting a healing called a Core Energy Cleanse. This month I became a Core Energy Cleansing practitioner. That means I can help you to move some of your negative energy blocks. I’ve been getting a Core Energy Cleanse at the start of every month since late last year. They are incredibly powerful – if you allow them to be. Your energy can’t be restored if you do not open to and allow the process.

I’m currently looking at premises where I can offer cleanses so if you’re interested let me know. They will be in or around Stirling somewhere but please express your interest if you’re somewhere else as it’ll give me an idea of whether to reach out further. I’ve got a few people waiting for more information and even one of the therapy centres I’m going to see is intrigued to know more.

H o w   e x c i t i n g !

Egyptian Crown Healing

You will also be able to come and see me for Egyptian Crown Healing very very soon! This is another energy healing technique that is extremely effective as a way of helping relieve stress and anxiety, sometimes even pain. Watch this space!

Book now for September retreat

This is coming up on 12–17 September 2019! If you’re interested, but you think it’s all silence, don’t worry, it’s not. Each day there will be a period of silence during which you will be able to spend focused time with you, the idea being to give you the chance to ‘come down’ from life and start to really listen to what’s going on inside. That might be scary to some, but if you want to grow within yourself, it’s a safe and honourable place to start.Craigmuick Cottage cropped for webpage banner

Included in the price will be a core energy cleanse if you’d like one, or an energy coaching session if you’d like one, all food, my amazing sound therapist friend will be coming on the opening night to help us create the space and intention for our retreat and, throughout the retreat, we will do some gentle work on getting to know your own unique energy – among lots of other peaceful things.

The retreat takes place in the house to the right. It is hidden away in the depths of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park with a beautiful garden area to the front, woods and forests to the back and surrounds, and directly to the right of the house runs a beautiful and accessible clean-flowing river. You will be able to feed and fuel your energy without even trying or knowing that you are. AND you will have so much time to do so.

Contact me if you’re interested in coming, or click here for more information.

Thought for August

If you’re not already conscious of paying attention to how you feel, why not see if you can spend the month of August tuning in to your emotions a bit more. They can change sporadically and constantly throughout the day and you’ll notice it’s often because of who you’re with, what’s happening around you, what’s come on the TV, what somebody’s said … AND, the biggest one, what you’re saying to yourself. That’s the especially hard bit to notice. But, be patient with yourself, and you’ll gradually start to notice that your emotions are directly related to whatever’s going on in your life.

And your emotions affect your energy – and your energy affects your emotions …

Unless you have achieved a high level of personal mastery.

Once you realise how everything is linked and how it all makes you feel, you can then do something about it. Remember, you’ve always got choices.

What would you like to know?

If you’re curious about your energy, or have a particular question or an idea for something you’d like me to cover in this monthly news, let me know. You can contact me here or by emailing .


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Thanks for reading. May your light shine brightly and your energy expand with abundance.

Love, Lesley xxx

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