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Do you choose conscious or subconscious?

27th December 2018

The dog was given a bottle of dog beer for his Christmas. We opened it but he didn’t drink much so I sat the open bottle between my legs in the car on the way home.

Part of the way home I went to take a drink … W-O-O-O-WW!! Suddenly remembered it was dog beer!!

This really hit home to me just how much of a hold our habits, our subconscious minds, have over our lives.

Think about it. Every single day, from morning till night, you open your mouth, you behave, you act and you react, you present and you communicate according to the habits ingrained in your subconscious mind rather than according to what is appropriate and true for the present moment. You portray learned behaviour – habits, actions and attitudes that have been taught to you by your external world throughout the course of your life up until the present moment.

For you to REALLY step up and into your own – indeed to really OWN your truth – it takes conscious thought to challenge and stand up to these deeply ingrained habits. Okay, I almost took a swig of dog beer, pretty harmless really, but what about the limiting habits, behaviours and conversations that you do and have without thinking about it, without ever really being conscious of it, because you’ve been taught that that’s what you do. Normally you’ve taken the metaphorical glug of dog beer before you realise – and instead of being able to undo it, you’re left bearing the consequences of your action, behaviour and words.

The subtitle of my book Live Your Sunshine – Be Your Light is ‘Working with conscious thought to feel good’. It’s something I’ve been doing for years, and now I help others to get there quicker than I did. Paying attention to your conscious thought doesn’t mean never relaxing but it DOES take time, effort, attention, planning and energy. AND it’s the way to change your life because then and ONLY then do you present consciously, powerfully, truthfully and assertively as YOU and not the person you learned to become.

YES! YES YES YES!!! Rejoice even just to THINK of becoming yourself. YES! Y-E-E-E-S-S-S-S-S-S! You no longer need to remain quiet, uptight, upset, hurt, hurting, sad, sick, dreadful, despondent, passive, angry, isolated … you CAN reach high, step up and show the world you living your beautiful fire of truth.

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