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Imagine ...

… a world where we all unite, without judgement, scorn, limitation, fear, or contempt. A world where life is easy, sustainable, open-hearted (and minded) and free. A world where you are encouraged, loved, held high and given the space to rise into the fullness of your inner potential. A world where you liberate yourself from stress and suppression, where you realise all that you have stored inside, and where you are empowered, loved and honoured to pursue that truth.

Then imagine bringing our children up in such a delicious world, where we nurture them as they grow into their fully authentic selves, where we no longer suppress, oppress, constrict or confine their creativity, spirit and truth. Imagine bringing children up to realise their power and to live their personal sovereignty from the day they were born into this world.

Then imagine educating these children in such an authentic and united community environment that they can’t not become themselves. Where we show our children that it’s okay to be exactly who they are. Where we show our children – through our example, through our guidance, and through our encouragement, empowerment and enrichment – that they are perfect, and that they matter, and that they are beautifully unique little individuals with an abundance of personal style to bring to the world.

Imagine a world where we live the fullest, most stylish, and authentic expressions of who we really are – and inspire our children to do the same.


I see  family, business, learning and education, all uniting, fusing, merging into one collective, empowered and innovative communion of living. And I think it’s time to start growing ourselves whole so that we can practise how to live like that, so that we can learn how  to authentically get along with each other.

  • Trust, shared responsibility, reliance on each other
  • Open, honest, intentional communication
  • Truth, respect, boundaries
  • Spiral structures instead of hierarchies
  • Heart-centred lives of ease and gratitude instead of stressed-out lives dominated by egos and agendas
  • Emotional guidance instead of limitations and the mental torture of logic, reason and mind

Let’s own our power. Let’s grow ourselves whole.

Now, let’s create it. Let’s start. Let’s make it happen.

Let’s step up and own our power. Let’s rise into the fullness of our beings, so that we can set the stage for the future beings of this planet.

Let’s expand into the wholeness of our adult beings, and honour ourselves so that we can learn how to truly honour our children. Children should be learning from each other, from experience, from life itself, learning to discern what feels right for them, what fuels their energy and feeds their soul. Children should be free to grow, create and experiment in the safety of wholesome adults who respect and encourage their uniqueness.

Children are abundant little souls of wisdom and instead of crushing all of that out of them, let’s turn this thing around, and by choosing to illuminate our own way, we can then illuminate our world.

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