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Connecting Humanity - Inside and Out

Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out was birthed in July 2022. It is currently a growing communion on Facebook with a vision to expand in whatever way the universe guides. It is also a divinely led global creation and all are welcome.

As its name suggests, Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out is about creating the space for people to connect with their truest and most trusted guide for life – themselves. It is also about creating and growing a unified communion, and consciously creating the foundation for humanity’s emotional and spiritual transition.

Our vision

Ultimately, our vision is to grow people ‘whole’ so that we can:

  • Embody our gifts and serve ourselves, each other, and this planet.
  • Grow more emotionally mature and create unity within our beings, so we can confidently bring that higher intelligence, wisdom, frequency, and strength into our communions.
  • Have the greatest impact we can on shifting global consciousness.

We grow exponentially when we are connected with and surrounded by our soul family. Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out creates exactly that – the space to grow within while being supported by (and supporting) individuals who are on the same path, with similar intentions.

As we create more unified individuals, Connecting Humanity – Inside and Out will expand globally, and we will commune both online and in person at physical locations.

Our mission

To create a conscious and intentional communion of unified, ‘whole’ individuals by:

  • Encouraging and holding space for inner (shadow) work
  • Offering opportunities, guidance, courses and connections for members to connect with, and honour, their own truth and follow their own inner guidance
  •  Nurturing our communion as well as members and individuals
  • Committing to, creating, and honouring a high vibrational space
  • Choosing to embody our gifts
  • Holding a high frequency for the external so we can continue shifting consciousness

By actively living our mission, we will achieve our vision.

Our values

  1. Our inner work. We are conscious individuals and we are all doing in our inner (shadow) work.
  2. We are nurturing our expansive minds and learning to listen to and honour our inner guidance.
  3. We commune with transparency, honesty, personal integrity, acceptance and grace.

Excited to join us?

We’d be excited to have you. Join up here, or get in touch if you have questions. Contact me here or email me at

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