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How consciously do you commit – and who to?

28th November 2022

Commitment has come up quite a few times lately, especially in connection to Generators (HD). It’s prompted this post because commitment is relevant for everyone.

It’s important to know yourself before you commit to any ‘thing’ or any ‘body’ outside of yourself. Because if you don’t know yourself, and/or if you’re committing unconsciously, you are likely to be committing to something that is only going to serve you up – if not immediately, then eventually – exhaustion, depletion, burnout, resentment, feeling used, unworthy, or emotionally wrought, or some sort of illness or condition.

If you don’t know your energy type – your human being’s blueprint – and your strategy for interacting and interplaying with this life, you’re potentially living a life of trial and error, swings and roundabouts, and spinning this way and that, because you’re unaware of your own unique blueprint AND how to use it.

There is NO commitment outside of you that is more important than your commitment to yourself.

That doesn’t sound like a big sentence but it is. It’s a huge sentence in its power and in its truth. There is NO commitment anywhere that is more important than your commitment to yourself.

Nobody deserves or needs YOU more than YOU do.

Your commitment is always to you. We ALL have the gift of commitment to ourselves in our DNA.

That’s all.

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