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Commitment to self

28th June 2021

When I first started this blog at the beginning of the year it was a bit of an experiment. A test, if you like. I love to write, and I need to express, and I found I wasn’t making time for myself to do either of these two things. So, my blog became my space to write, to use my gift, and it also became my space for expression.

It was also a place for me to commit to myself, and to put some structure into my week. I know that part of my role in this life is to help others to commit to themselves, to embrace their own power and personal sovereignty, and to allow themselves the opportunity to unfold into their inner potential and ‘unlearn’ the conditionings of a lifetime. If I commit to me, I can reflect back to others, and encourage, their commitment to themselves.

The third reason I chose to commit to this blog was to cleanse my mailing list. I wanted to attract people who aligned with me speaking my truth, and to allow others to drop off by asking to be removed. Both of these things have happened.

It is now time to expand this commitment from solely being my inner contemplations, into something that serves you more than it has done up till now. It will remain the Voice of Connection because everything I do is intended to help you to reconnect with your soul’s expression and your own inner voice, and energetically align with your authenticity. But it will evolve into more of a newsletter, with news, tips, opportunities, maybe some events – and probably still some of my life’s observations.

As we all continue to evolve and transcend with the broader collective-consciousness shifts, I invite you to take this opportunity to release yourself from this connection if it is no longer serving you. I will not be offended; in fact, I will be grateful for, and will honour, your honesty both to yourself and to me. Even if you are friend or family, I offer you the chance to step back if these connections are just something you automatically delete from your inbox.

Can you help me to help others?

And for those who’d like to stay, I ask for a small commitment. If you don’t wish to, or are not ready to, dive into the potential that’s there within yourself, please will you help me to connect with people who do? I will continue working with anyone, anywhere, who is committed to revealing their own inner expression; indeed, for the past eighteen months my work has been with emerging visionaries and entrepreneurs in the US. My intention is to expand the collective level of personal sovereignty in Scotland. In 2013, I returned to Scotland after 20 years in Australia, and I know without any shadow of doubt that it was to be here now, to help lift the people in this country who are ready to rise.

We are all light. We are exquisitely unique beings; your personal style is your own and it is waiting to be activated. Your commitment to yourself is an act of self love. Honour it. Honour your worthiness. Create and respect your boundaries. Dedicate to your mindfulness, your space, your inner silence. We are here, many of us, to serve this world, to help it to move forward, to cleanse ourselves of the old and unfold into our whole. I have my amazing global tribe and soul family. I am now drawing in my local tribe, so we can do this together on ground level. Our journeys will always be together, regardless of whether we’re connected here or not, but it will be an honour to have you continue this stage of your life’s unfolding journey here with me, if that feels right for you.

Thank you for being here now, and choosing to shine. I’m here when you’d like to connect.

Allow your hugeness. Embrace the unique style and essence that is all of you. You are here for more.

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