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Changes afoot for 2020

1st December 2019

In breaking news, last month I was invited to participate as a co-author in an anthology that’s going to be published in 2020. Beautifully entitled The Power of Love, the book will uplift as well as inspire love and positivity, helping to set a foundation for a new decade and, indeed, a new era.

This upturn in events has led me to decide to return to the broad spectrum of writing and editing. My main gift in this life is being able to create and communicate through the written word and I realise I should be using it to give others a voice, and to create a positive difference. So, I’m now bringing the length, breadth and depth of experience and wisdom I have about life to help people to write their story, explore their inner voice and shout their message to the world, if they want to do so. I’m feeling excited and full of anticipation about this last month of the year – and the decade – as I get ready to embrace the future. It’s a time for us all to see things out, and a time to prepare to welcome. It’s a time to decide what you’re leaving behind, and a time to decide what you’re going to pursue.

“Lesley, I just wanted to thank you SO much for doing such an amazing editing job. You SO get it! I’m thinking I might get you to write the whole thing as my ghost writer. Oh man, I love it, it’s so much slicker. I’m so grateful, I really am. I so appreciate all your support and words of wisdom.” JG

We are all creators and we are all decision makers. Over time we’ve forgotten just how much freewill we have, as we get caught up doing things for reasons that don’t hold power and don’t inspire us at all.

Make December a time where you really consider what’s been dragging you down and what would build you up. Make the new decade the decade that you choose to reach out from your hiding place and show the world you. I’m here to share, to inspire, to assist when you decide you want to make a move or even just start to make sense of some of what’s going on inside you but are afraid to do so in case it will upset other people in your life. There are many ways to reach inside and find out what’s going on, just as there are many ways to express your freedom and inspire the world.

Choose to be the love, choose to share the love and, biggest of all, choose to make yourself your biggest priority.

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With love.

Lesley x






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