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Voice of Connection

Each week Voice of Connection offers a different take on our transition to new earth, provoking thought, curiosity and connection. It’s very much about holding the space for people to feel into their soul, to challenge their thinking, and to activate change inside. Ideally, after reading an article, people are drawn to investigate or enquire about Opportunities to Connect.

Voice of Connection speaks openly of creating new ways of living, a new future, and honouring our own power and authority. It encourages taking back personal responsibility, and speaks of doing things differently, like living the spirit of synarchy, community, building gift economies, creating alternative modes of education, the whole lot. Whatever comes up that is expansive, forward thinking and encouraging people to think outside their fear … that’s the Voice of Connection.

Please get in touch if you have questions, queries, comments, topics you’d like to see discussed. This is a space for speaking  personal truth and creating opportunities to connect.

Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Finding your gifts

7th June 2021

‘Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package.’ These words made me sad. Yet they’re true, too true. Even just sitting here writing this, I feel a... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Seeing the light of self love

31st May 2021

I thought I loved myself, but I didn’t. I don’t. Not really. The more work I do to expand into the whole of my soul, the more it becomes... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Human condition, or intoxicating adventure … you choose

24th May 2021

These deeply meditative experiences, where you immerse so completely with all that is, can be challenging to come back from. As resounding and revelatory as they are, the return... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – The beauty of being human

17th May 2021

… is that we feel. That we can touch. That we can relish in the blissful ecstasy of a light-fingered caress, the stroke of an arm, a tantric playfulness.... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Contemplating spirituality

10th May 2021

What does the word ‘spiritual’ mean to you? Do you consider yourself to be ‘spiritual’? Or maybe you use another word? Awakened? Enlightened? What makes you any or all... more >
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