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Voice of Connection

Each week Voice of Connection offers a different take on our transition to new earth, provoking thought, curiosity and connection. It’s very much about holding the space for people to feel into their soul, to challenge their thinking, and to activate change inside.

Voice of Connection speaks openly of creating new ways of living, a new future, and honouring our own power and authority. It encourages taking back personal responsibility, and speaks of doing things differently, like living the spirit of unity and synergy, creating community, building gift economies and opening our minds to alternative modes of education, the whole lot. Whatever comes up that is expansive, forward thinking and encouraging people to think outside their fear … that’s the Voice of Connection.

Please get in touch if you have questions, queries, comments, topics you’d like to see discussed. This is a space for speaking  personal truth and reconnecting within and  without.

Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – It’s all okay

21st February 2022

As I sit down to contemplate what’s going to be the focus of today’s voice, I find myself flowing with the light of the sun, the life of the... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – How high is your BAR?

14th February 2022

What is  your BAR? Breathing Activating Rising And the more aware you are of B and A, the stronger your R will be. The more aware you are of healthy breathing,... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Do your bad feelings create your identity?

7th February 2022

What’s that feeling you’ve got? That gungy, swirly, thick, uncomfortable feeling that’s constricting you, making you feel compromised, agitated, angry, frustrated … that feeling that’s distracting you, or holding... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Love is rising

31st January 2022

Who felt an emotional tug over the weekend, their heart opening wide, watching those truckers in Canada standing up for truth and stirring the world? Me! I did! The... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Voice of Connection – Permission to feel

24th January 2022

Our world, our environment, taught us that it wasn’t okay to feel. When we expressed our emotions as children, we were so often ridiculed, condemned, told to be quiet,... more >
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