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Voice of Connection

Each week Voice of Connection offers a different take on our transition to new earth, provoking thought, curiosity and connection. It’s very much about holding the space for people to feel into their soul, to challenge their thinking, and to activate change inside. Ideally, after reading an article, people are drawn to investigate or enquire about Opportunities to Connect.

Voice of Connection speaks openly of creating new ways of living, a new future, and honouring our own power and authority. It encourages taking back personal responsibility, and speaks of doing things differently, like living the spirit of synarchy, community, building gift economies, creating alternative modes of education, the whole lot. Whatever comes up that is expansive, forward thinking and encouraging people to think outside their fear … that’s the Voice of Connection.

Please get in touch if you have questions, queries, comments, topics you’d like to see discussed. This is a space for speaking  personal truth and creating opportunities to connect.

Lesley MacCulloch

Silence is golden

2nd June 2019

The thing about silence is, when you think you can create it externally, our human world usually makes sure that something is thrown in to upset our plans. Examples... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

You are NOT what the envelope tells you you are

6th February 2019

This might not appear, initially, to be one of my more positive posts, but bear with me. There’s a point. This letter arrived in the mail yesterday. A threat.... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Is your circle of friends and acquaintances healthy and serving YOU?

1st February 2019

Are you aware of the energies of the people you allow to be close to you? Do you protect yourself from the negativity and misery of others? Are you... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

Own your responsibility

21st January 2019

A friend had posted something about the full blood moon and the eclipse yesterday and I noticed a comment saying ‘About what time approximately Heather?’ Now, this irritates me... more >
Lesley MacCulloch

When will you be done playing small?

17th January 2019

“When will you be done playing small?” Liza Jane Wolf said to me today. “When will you be done putting band-aids on things? When will you be ready to... more >
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