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Personal Evolution Guide

I guide people into their soul, their own unique essence, where they are no  longer captive to their unconscious fears, desires, shadows and reactions. I help people to realise and embrace the truth of who they really are.

My gift is 20201018_115033 (1)to feel other people energetically. I help people to draw out and ignite their unique gifts, creating a space of freedom where they can explore and experiment as they embody their authenticity, find their own voice, and step into the wholeness of their being.

My journey through life to date has seen me in leadership and coaching roles, both in corporate and private enterprise. I’ve facilitated training, and created learning and development opportunities for  thousands of individuals. I’ve tutored students, and written and assessed  nationally accredited training. I’ve run my own professional editing company and I’ve written my own personal development book called Live Your Sunshine – Be Your Light.

I aspire to guide people who are committed to their personal evolution to rise into the freedom and power of their own soul. That might mean working directly with individuals, or as part of an arrangement with a conscious organisation or a growing grassroots company or community. For me it is about quality and intent. Healing what’s been stuck on us and in us for way too long.

We are all emotionally wounded to some extent. We carry karmic ancestral wounds and we carry wounds from our early childhood. These wounds are energetic trauma, attached to20200612_170930 us like a suit of armour, blocking our energetic flow, preventing us from experiencing and living the deepest truths of who we are. My work is to help you to break through the wounds and guide you into the fullest, most expansive version of your soul.

“Everybody needs a Lesley!”                                                             ~ ML, California



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