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Activate your Inner Potential

*** This event has been postponed. ***

Know you’ve got so much more inside you, but no idea where to start?

Not got much money, but want to start investing in YOU?

Got a few minutes a day, and ready to commit to yourself?

Scared, but need to do something  to get out of your comfort zone?


Then this is for you!

31 days to activate your inner potential

The next activation runs from Sunday 1 May till Tuesday 31 May 2022. During this period you will receive:

  • Pre-activation introduction and guidance
  • Every day you will receive different tips, suggestions, opportunities, facts, guidance, support
  • The activation will be facilitated through a specially created Facebook group
  • Benefits:
    • Find out what resonates with you by opening your heart and mind and exploring multiple different opportunities, tips, guidance, suggestions
    • A gentle way to start exploring inner you
    • Meet parts of you you didn’t realise were there
    • An encouraging, empowering, inspiring environment where you can practise and experiment with others
    • Raise your frequency, broaden your mind, increase your vibration, shift your consciousness
    • Meet your soul people
    • Open new doors
    • Be a part of something exciting
  • Ask questions and share stories at a one-hour Zoom call in second half of May
  • Bring a friend and get activated for £55 for both of you (pay together)
  • Activating Humanity founding members pay just £25
  • Get super serious and upgrade (see below)

Book your place here!

Upgrade to ‘active activator’

Get super serious and kick start your activation by upgrading to receive one x 1:1 or three x 1:1 active activator calls. These will be one hour calls with just you and I where we will connect deeply with your core and you will receive uniquely personal guidance and suggestions on how to come into energetic alignment.  Book now!

31 people

31 days

31 activations

Only £31

Registrations and bookings here

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