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Do you find comfort in your discomfort?

11th November 2018

Is war just the next step up from corporate politics? Rhetorical question but to me they’re not too distant cousins.

Today is the one hundred year remembrance of the end of WWI and, I wondered to myself, have we learned anything about the futility of war. Are we so stuck in our ways that we can’t even see a ‘new way’ forward, never mind anybody being prepared to step up and put a new or different way on the table. Indeed, that’s what people get crucified in our society for doing – for being different, for doing things different – and that’s probably why we’ve all become so scared to even contemplate stepping up, never mind actually doing anything about it. We find comfort in our discomfort.

Girls, ladies, women, sisters, friends, and any gentlemen who want to see change too, whoever you are and whatever you prefer to be known as, if we can release ourselves from the bindings and confines of our upbringings, we can be a HUGE part of the shifting consciousness in this world just by being ourselves, in our own circles, within our own networks, in our own worlds. We will set the foundations for future women to empower this planet.

There’s no doubt about it, women are taking the spiritual change forward. I’m not a feminist, I’m not a women’s libber, I’m just empowered, alive and fed up being a product of the egotistical, patriarchal dictatorship we’ve grown up in. I want to be part of changing the reality on earth. That’s why recently I’ve stepped up. I can’t stand it any longer. I can’t sit and watch and wait and wonder any more. I need to help people out of their limitedness, their doubt, I need to feed, tend and nurture those who are so trapped inside their heads that they are numb, neutralised, scared, that they think it’s normal, acceptable, par for the course, to live inside the straitjacket of upbringing and societal conditioning.

And probably for the first time in a LONG history, there is true and significant support. We’re no longer on our own in this. MILLIONS of women are on this bandwagon, and I’d LOVE to help you to feel good, to feel EMPOWERED and EXCITED to be a part of this! Just you feeling GOOD will not just change you, it will change the energy and the people around you. RIPPLES.

Just as an experiment, catch yourself today. How many times do you act or behave in a way that IS NOT YOU? How many times do you act or behave in a way that that you think makes you more acceptable to your external world.

Image: Cheryl Braganza, Canada

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